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Beifang Mining Technology Services (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd

Beifang Mining Technology Services (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd is the operating platform where the integration project of uranium mine blasting is undertaken in Husab, Namibia.


As the second largest uranium mine in the world, Husab Uranium Mine in Namibia is the largest Chinese mine investment project in Africa.


The Husab Uranium Mine Ground Station has obtained the emulsion explosive production license issued by Namibia’s State Explosive Bureau, which is the first company to be issued with this license in Namibia.


Blasting volume:

About 50,000,000 m3/5 years


Emulsion explosive: 30,000 tons/year

ANFO explosive: 25,000 tons/year

Storage capacity:

Ammonium nitrate magazine: 6000 tons

Explosive: 100 tons

Booster: 100 tons

Detonators: 500,000 pcs

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