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Sino-Congolaise d’Exploitation Société Anonyme [Congo]

Sino-Congolaise d’Exploitation Société Anonyme (SICODEX) is a joint venture company established with the support of Chinese and Congolese governments.

Sino-Congolaise d’Exploitation Société Anonyme has licensed qualifications to produce, sell, import and export all civil explosives, blasting equipment and other related products and provide blasting services and carry out all related activities throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The blasting engineering branch is undertaking drilling and blasting services and has contracted blasting service business of several mine projects.


Emulsion explosive: 35,000tons/year
ANFO explosive: 70,000tons/year

Storage capacity:
Ammonium nitrate magazine: 5,400tons
Sodium nitrate: 600tons
Explosive magazine: 800tons
Detonators: 1million pcs

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